For Men

Kulana o nã Kãne (Man’s Facial)

Recognizing the special needs of men, this restorative facial treatment is designed to release ingrown hairs, unclog pores and soften skin. Your face will feel sensational and refreshed. Please refrain from shaving for at least one hour prior to treatment.

  50 minutes $110  
  110 minutes $160  

Kãne Kai Ãnai (Man’s Water Scrub)

This stimulating salt scrub and water massage is just for men. An invigorating skin exfoliation using mineral-rich sea salt followed by a warm water massage of the back, neck and shoulders will invigorate the senses.

  25 minutes $65  

Kãne Pedicure (Man’s Foot)

An invigorating foot repair with a dose of peppermint and eucalyptus that concentrates on rejuvenating tired and stressed feet. Feet are cleansed with a mineral soak followed by an exfoliating scrub and steamy towel wraps. A cooling peppermint mask prepares you for a deeply relaxing foot and calf massage.

  50 minutes $65  
The Maui Spa

Men’s Foot Repair

Specifically designed for men, this no nonsense pedicure will leave your feet ready to tackle the world. After a relaxing soak, a softener is applied to remove calluses and dry skin. Nails will be trimmed, shaped, cleaned and buffed.

  Men’s Foot Repair $45